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Here at Pratts Pods HQ we have been busy repairing all sorts of devices to a very high standard and on a number of occassions have been asked by our valued customers do we buy any phone? Well because we love customer feedback and always want to go the extra mile we have now set up a site that we can buy any phone on. 

With a keen team and a customer base that just keeps growing we wanted to give our customers what they needed. A slick and simple site that is easy to navigate and more importantly offers some of the best rates out there when we buy your phone.

Your tech device will be brought, refurbished to a high standard, and then sold on to someone else so that it is reused rather than just put in the bin or a drawer to never be seen again. We also support local charities and schools to ensure that pupils have devices that they need when it comes to their education.

So whether you have an old iPhone or a netpad that you don’t use we can help you with a little extra cash and also help reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint as a company. We recognise that a lot of households have multiple devices and sometimes it is cheaper to just grab a new device and stick the old one in a drawer or cupboard somewhere. Why not gather up those devices and pop over to our shop or visit Tech Buyers where you can get some extra cash towards a nice holiday or maybe even some new clothes.

Not only do we buy broken devices but we may be able to help you upgrade your existing working phone for a newer phone. We can also help you with how to data transfer so you don’t lose any of your valuable data.

A great team, fantastic prices, and making your devices usable for someone else awaits. Simply give us a call today and we will buy any phone 01183 047777