Maybe you plugged your phone in when you went to bed but it was flat in the morning? Maybe you have to wrap your cable around or hold it at an angle to charge? This is a common problem with many devices and can be down to a number of factors. Sometimes it can be as simple as clearing the charging port of any dirt or fluff that may have got stuck in the hole.

Other times it could be that you need to replace the charging port or another part of the device that is stopping the device from charging. Our team of experienced tech repair specialists will be able to diagnose your problem and usually within just a few minutes.

We can also repair almost any charging issue and ensure that your device continues to work going forwards. A team totally dedicated to ensuring your electronic device is repaired before we hand it back means your in good hands with Pratts Pods.

Why not give our friendly team a call today on 01183 047777 or pop into the repair centre and see how we can help you with your specific needs today.

  • Charging port repairs
  • charge port replacements
  • iPhone not charging
  • charging IC replacements
  • No charges on Analysis and Opinions
  • 3 month warranty
  • Devices tested thoroughly
  • Quick diagnosis
  • Fast Turnaround time for Repair