Phone Upgrade Or Repair?

Pratts Pods started many years ago by doing at the time mainly iPod repairs but over the years have found ourselves moving into tech repairs across many products.

You can imagine how many customers have asked should I upgrade or not over the years so we thought lets put our thoughts to paper. Lets start by being honest, the newer the device generally the more expensive repair (although that’s not always the case). Then there is the fact that you need to transfer all of your data (generally most will have an app to make this easier). Repairs are not always more expensive and can often come with a warranty too (like ours do).

There are many reasons to repair rather than replace but if you pick the right repair specialists you can at least have peace of mind. Want to know more? Why not start here.


As a mobile phone repair company we wanted to also do our bit for the community, after setting up a click and collect service and a book my repair section you can see, we are very pro-active in making sure we bring our customers the best solutions we can.

We also felt it right to mention the Covid App that is being used to alert people to whether they have been in contact with someone with the virus. To download your copy start by visiting this link where there is a wealth of information and a link to download the app itself.

If your device needs a repair why not start by booking yours today