Battery Replacements

It is very well known that batteries on your phones and tablets go through a lot over the years, so it isn’t a surprise that we have to replace a lot of these. Over time you may find that you loose charge quickly or that your phone/tablet randomly dies, maybe it just wont turn on dies at 30% or less.

These are all common signs of a deteriorated battery, some devices have more common battery performance issues than others depending on the brand of your device.

We commonly see many iphone and ipad battery issues and only fit brand new original battery’s to bring your battery life back up to its former glory.

Phone batteries are generally replaced within an hour (half an hour for iphones) and tablet batteries are 24 hours. All battery replacements come with our standard 3 month guarantee.

Why not pop in and see your local specialist to see how we can help with your battery problems. Call today on 01183 047777 or contact us through the site by clicking here