In today’s society there is a lot of stigma that surrounds keeping fit and it goes without saying that our mobile devices are something that we are using more and more daily.

You can now control your heating from anywhere in the world simply by downloading and using a simple app. So how does that relate to fitness and our general well being?

There are a number of apps now that you can download that will keep track of how many steps you take in a day, what your calorie intake is, heart rate analysis, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature and will even analyze what you have eaten and how that affects your fitness levels.

With all of the information to hand and sophisticated algorithms people are now using their smart phones to drive themselves to better fitness levels. Are phones really a good way of increasing your healthy levels and keeping you fit?

We think that this is great news for the mobile industry and we also believe that there is a whole lot more to come. With the inevitable launch of the iphone 7 in the not too distant future what will we see next?