Water Damage Device Repairs

At Pratts Pods Ltd we take water damage seriously. We know that your precious photos are one of the most important things on your phone and that we depend so much on our phones these days that dropping your phone in water can be very distressing.

Wether your iphones taken a dip in the loo or you’ve dropped it in a puddle we are here to help!

Firstly there are a few things you should do/know about water damage.

  • Whatever you do, do NOT try to use your phone or charge it. Doing this can cause a short circuit and do a lot more damage to the device.
  • Remove the back cover and disconnect the battery (if possible) and remove sim trays to make a gap for any water to come out of the phone.
  • The rice trick is a myth, rice is a food and not for drying out liquid damaged iPhones.
  • The corrosion that is deposited by the water drying can do as much if not more harm to the logic board than the liquid itself.
  • Bring it in to us as soon as possible, if the phone is still wet then we have more of a chance of bringing it back to life for you.

We are one of the only local repair company’s that treat water damage properly, our advanced knowledge and experience means that we have a tried and tested method to guarantee the best possible success rate with water damage treatment.

We are able to remove all EMI shields to ensure every part of the board is cleaned, We use specialist cleaning equipment and cleaning agents designed for cleaning phone logic boards. We can also fault find to component level which means we have a higher chance of recovering your previous data than many other companies have.

It is commonly known that water damaged devices performance can deteriorate over time, especially if not cleaned as the corrosion will eat away at important parts of the logic board.

Have a problem and need it looked at? Get in touch today to find out more and book your phone in with a company that cares by clicking here

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