Here at Pratts Pods we wanted to share our knowledge with you and help you understand how to get the best out of your devices battery.

1 – Batteries these days are rated by how many times you can charge them so believing that charging it overnight will damage the phones battery life is completely wrong.

2 – Turning off bluetooth and wifi will not necessarily help you preserve battery  life because today’s technology ensures that these features only use battery life when they are being used.

3 – The auto brightness function on any device is now clever enough to ensure that your battery is preserved to the best of its ability so by turning it down you won’t necessarily save battery life in fact you may increase your usage from using the function.

4 – Experts within Apple have confirmed that turning all your apps off will not enable you to preserve battery life and in fact by switching them off and the re-starting them you could be using the battery more than you need to.

5 – Using the right battery (that is approved) for your device is definitely the best way forwards. Other cheaper batteries could in fact make your device less responsive and not power the device correctly therefore meaning you need more repairs than necessary.

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