Mobile Phones And Our Sleep

There are so many views on the internet about how mobile phones can effect your sleep patterns that it is hard to seperate fact from fiction. We decided to get out there and have a look at what others were saying and try to work out if mobile phones really do affect our sleep and we found some pretty conclusive results.

Since phones were invented back in the late 19th century they have come a very long way and now with the ability to switch on your lights or heating and also being able to look inside your fridge whilst shopping these devices are evolving quickly.

We use our phone for an alarm in the morning, to set up our calendar for the month and so many other things so how doe it affect our sleep?

Why not check out this well thought out article here and let us know your thoughts?

We agree with the article and believe that a phone should be in a different room (you may need to invest in a new alarm clock) so that you can get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling invigorated for the new day ahead.


Common Issues With iPhones

iPhones are one of the most popular smart phones available on the market today and with prices over the £500-00 mark for a more recent edition it is no wonder that many people are opting to repair or flush their older devices rather than buying a new one.

iPhones are brought to us on a daily basis and over the years we have learnt about some of the most common problems an iPhone owner may have –

My iPhone turns off with 30% battery left – It may be the battery needs replacing but there can also be other issues that could be causing the problem. Want to find out? We always advice our customers to get a professional to check before parting with money for unnecessary iPhone repairs.

My touchscreen isn’t responding – Maybe your iPhone is writing the wrong letters or even writing things itself. This could be a touch screen problem but also could be your touch IC chip. Again, we advise getting in touch with a professional company that won’t rip you off.

My iPhone won’t charge and iTunes refuses to connect – We suggest trying a good quality USB cable as cheaper variants can cause all sorts of problems. It could also be the charging port itself that needs replacing. Either way make sure you contact a professional to work out what is wrong before paying for something you don’t need.

As Apple experts we know what we can do and will always inspect your device and give you an overview with costs before we will work on it. Are you facing other issues not mentioned above and if so why not get in touch with the experts today.