There are so many views on the internet about how mobile phones can effect your sleep patterns that it is hard to seperate fact from fiction. We decided to get out there and have a look at what others were saying and try to work out if mobile phones really do affect our sleep and we found some pretty conclusive results.

Since phones were invented back in the late 19th century they have come a very long way and now with the ability to switch on your lights or heating and also being able to look inside your fridge whilst shopping these devices are evolving quickly.

We use our phone for an alarm in the morning, to set up our calendar for the month and so many other things so how doe it affect our sleep?

Why not check out this well thought out article here and let us know your thoughts?

We agree with the article and believe that a phone should be in a different room (you may need to invest in a new alarm clock) so that you can get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling invigorated for the new day ahead.