Games consoles get a lot of use over time. wether they are being used to play your favourite game for hours on end, chill out and watch a movie or streaming online they get very heavy usage. We often keep them hidden away in cabinets and other dusty places and as the fans spin to cool the consoles down they also suck in a lot of dust too, clogging up the grills and restricting air flow.

Because of this older consoles will often run hot or over heat, this can cause consoles to work much harder than needed to try to cool themselves and can cause lots of problems such as freezing, turning itself off and becoming slow.

Over heating a motherboard can cause it to warp over time and can cause some of the signature failures within a lot of the popular consoles such as Xbox’s and playstations.

At Pratts pods we recommend that you have your consoles serviced every couple of years to clean out the dust and dirt, clean up the CPU/GPU and reapply new thermal paste. On top of this it is good to keep your console in a clean and today environment and hoover the vents regularly.

By cleaning your console regularly and having it serviced you can increase its life span hugely, most failures are caused by overheating and this is very easy to stop.

If you would like to find out more about looking after your console or if you are having a problem with yours then please feel free to get in touch.