We recently repaired an ipad mini 2 after a previous repair attempt. The customer had brought it in for intermittent touch freezes and ghosting where the screen will randomly touch itself.

This is very common on the ipad mini and is usually caused by poor quality screens being used. When the ipad mini first came out we found that cheap screens with copper traces on the digitiser would short and have screen ghosting. Unfortunately some companies still use these screens and cut corners with repairs.

This ipad was no different. Unfortunately the previous repairer had used a poor quality screen and also left out all of the shields from inside the device.

Luckily we had a set of spare shields to replace these. We also fit OEM screens on ipad mini’s to ensure that the quality is not affected when repairing unlike most other repair shops. We always do a bend test on our new screens to see how resistant the screens are, if a screen cannot bend without cracking it’s not good enough to fit on our customers devices.

The screen on this ipad was barely stuck down and dust had gotten into the lcd causing dust marks and stains. We use a special glass cleaner on dirty lcd’s to remove as much of the staining as possible. Unfortunately once dust settles and stains an LCD you will never remove them 100%, this is why it is so important to repair ipads properly the first time as to not cause permanent damage to your internal screen. We fit foam tape around the LCD as a second layer of defence from dust, we also use a special adhesive to seal the screen to ensure that the new screen will not lift like they do from other repairers.

We specialise in ipad repairs and fix other bodge jobs on a daily basis. If you want your ipad repaired right the first time please feel free to get in touch.